This Season Will NOT Be ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Last!

For all of you die hard Grey’s Anatomy fans: Crisis has been averted!  E! happily reports that Shonda Rhimes has squashed all rumors that this season will be the shows last in a tweet yesterday.  As for the cast of the hit show?  Rhimes also tweeted that there will be no new cast members.

Although the fate of the show is now secure, there is still the issue of the impending departure of Patrick Dempsey, who announced that he will be leaving the show after the 8th season.  Will he have a replacement?  And now there is speculation that Ellen Pompeo may not renew her contract either.  I mean, that kinda makes sense since Derek and Meredith are “married” and attached at the hip.  And since they are so codependent, I would assume they would go if the other did. I’m totally talking about the characters, although Ellen was seen leaving Dan Tanas after dinner with Dempsey in Hollywood the other night.  Maybe they were discussing their futures after this season.

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Whatever they decide, I’m just glad that Shonda didn’t get rid of that one hot resident with the pretty green eyes that Little Grey was banging.  No not McSteamy, the other one.  What’s his name?  Meh, doesn’t really matter. He’s so pwetty!