This Photo Of Kim Kardashian Is Not Why Kanye West Lost It On The Paparazzi [PHOTOS]

Kim Grabs Kanye's Bum
The Kardashian family has a thing for butts.
No, Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself trying on Halloween costumes. This costume is just wrong on so many levels.

This is the caption she posted with the pic on Twitter:

“Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping.”

More like Wrrrrrrrrrrong!!!

Moving on, last night (October 14, 2012) Kanye West was apparently in no mood to be messed with after he unexpectedly ran into girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ex-flame, Reggie Bush.

Kim and Kanye went out to eat last night at posh Miami steakhouse, Prime 112, where they ran into the Miami Dolphins running back, who recently announced that he’s expecting his first child with girlfriend Lilit Avagyan

Following the awkward encounter, Kanye’s patience seems to have been running dangerously thin. When a camerawoman approached the couple and asked Kanye if he’d congratulated Reggie on his recent baby news, the usually calm and collected rapper blew up and grabbed for the woman’s camera until she ran off.

Reggie Bush seems like a sore subject for Kanye. What’s up with that?