This One Is For The Girls: Period Films [VIDEO]

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Two days of awesome videos?! I didn’t think that was possible for Daily Grace!

Normally, Grace Helbig, Youtube vlogger has a video a week, or one every other week that I genuinely enjoy. This week she has had a couple, which surprises me. Her first was posted a few days ago about One Direction. Today, she posted about periods. Yes, women menstruating was the topic of discussion.

Sometimes people play a game where they change a title of a song or movie to make it sound funny. On Tumblr, people usually have a post that says “change a word in a movie title to boob”. For that one, people could say, “The Perks of Being a Boob” instead of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Helbig, and fellow vlogger, Hannah Hart went back and forth on Twitter creating various movie titles somehow related to periods. She even altered Disney movie titles, which could potentially ruin your childhood.

Enjoy the video and maybe you can even think of your own variations to fit under the “period films” category!