This Is The Hottest Criminal We’ve Ever Seen

June 20th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Jeremy Meeks Hot Criminal

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about this guy but sorry we couldn’t resist!  He looks so good it should be criminal, but wait, it actually is because he’s a convicted felon.

Jeremy Meeks is the man who set the internet ablaze when his mugshot was released via Facebook.  The Stockton Police Department posted the 30-year-old’s pic after he was arrested for felony weapon charges.  Um, we don’t think they got the response they were looking for.  The photo currently has about 19,000 comments from women who think the “jailbird” is smokin’ hot.

If you read the comments they are pretty hysterical, especially the ones offering to pay his bail!  We have to agree he is extremely good looking.  Our only issue is the tear drop tattoo but hey, those things can be fixed!

As if we needed more proof of his good looks, Twitter users decided to turn him into a Calvin Klein ad!  If he ever gets out of jail I think he could definitely turn this around and start a modeling career.  Or at least have a line of women ready to date him.

We hate to break it to you though, he’s married and a father.  His wife was the one who told him about his sudden popularity.  Although he is “flattered” he wants everyone to know that this is not him.  Yeah, yeah, we get it you’re not really a “criminal”.  We’ve heard that one before.  Oh well, maybe if we stare into those baby-blues long enough we’ll start to believe it.

Do you think this smooth criminal is a slice of perfection? Let us know in the comments below!

By Candice Brock

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