This Is The End…For The Jonas Brothers

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You’ve got to be kidding me (I am actually screaming this!). The Jonas Brothers have called it quits. I didn’t want to believe all the rumors but it’s true.

Another boy band goes bye bye bye. But on second thought, does any band ever stay together forever? “It’s over for now,” Kevin Jonas told People.

I’ve been waiting anxiously for some kind of confirmation. Nick? Kevin? Joe? Anyone? Even a tweet from the king of entertainment, Ryan Seacrest would have worked. “It was a unanimous decision,” Joe said.

First a tour cancellation, now an official group break up. All over “musical direction” differences. Even though us fans are being fed musical differences bullcrap, I’m sure there are other reasons as to why the group is “over it”. Bands have musical differences all the time. Rumor has it that Joe’s new fling Blanda Eggenschwilerhas some part in the band break up as well. Hmm.. I wonder if Dani has ever caused any major trouble between the Jo Bros.

Suck it up already! Just make songs that each member likes and get your s%&* together. How hard could it possibly be?!

Well…at least they can still decide on something… let’s just break up.

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