This Is Richard Fleeshman And He’s Really Hot And He’s Your New Crush, You’re Welcome!

Honestly it’s just been too long since a random hottie caught my eye.

Lucky for all of us, that’s where Richard Fleeshman comes in. According to the internet, he’s had quite the career in England and honestly I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him till now.

But both our Editor-in-Chief Michael and I decided that he’s very hot and has great teeth. And his girlfriend Samantha Barks is really, really pretty. 

If she looks familiar it’s because she played Eponine with the absurdly small waist in Les Miserables.

Now back to Richard. He actually played the Patrick Swayze role in Ghost: The Musical for the hot second that it was on Broadway (he originated the role in the West End), which means that I’ve actually seen him perform before! I vaguely remember it from the Tonys and actually remember thinking he was attractive.

Well thank goodness I’ve rediscovered him now. Launch the gallery to check out even more photos of how hot he can be. And again, you’re welcome.