This Is Mary-Kate Olsen’s Giant Engagement Ring From Olivier Sarkozy

Olsen Twins Red Carpet
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Have you seen her ring yet? Cause there it is. Ladies and gentleman, please stop what you’re doing and check out Mary-Kate Olsen’s giant engagement ring.

New broke last week that Mary-Kate is engaged to her father figure Olivier Sarkozy, and that diamond sparkler seems to prove it. This is definitely not the same ring we’ve seen her wearing before, so this must be a new, giant diamond.

Alright guys, important question time: would you marry Olivier Sarkozy for that ring? 

I have a family member who married a super creepy, old dude and my mother and I always joke about what I would have married him for. The Christian Louboutin shoes, the Chanel purse, the Diordress–all those big-ticket items. This kind of reminds me of that. Except for the fact that Mary-Kate might actually love this guy.

That is always an option. So brava, Mary-Kate for getting a guy you like and getting that diamond on your finger. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of her ring. Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!