This Guy Has A Medical Degree [PHOTO]

October 3rd, 2012 // 1 Comment
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I don’t know if Dr. 90210‘s Robert Rey is trying to close the gap between medicine and fashion, or if he just has a flair for gaudy fabric, but neither of it’s working.

Last night, Dr. Slick took wife Haley to the screening of Stripped at the Supper Club in Hollywood.  Since the movie is a combination of The Hangover meets Hostile in Las Vegas, Dr. Rey RSVP’d yes and dressed accordingly.

I know this guy is Brazilian, but that’s no excuse for dressing like this.

Ah, the early days of reality TV, when all we had were Taradise and Dr. Rey.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. dragon girl

    Is it tacky for me to say he puts the S in M D, get it S&M? wop wop flop : )

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