Things Not On Facebook: Justin Timberlake Doing Blow Off Boobs

The Facebook war is about to begin between the real deal and The Social Network.

After fretting for months over how to respond, the company appears to have decided that its best bet is to largely ignore the movie and hope that audiences do the same. They are basically taking the stance that all of the drama that is in the movie is not realistic.

The movie deals heavily with themes like friendship and betrayal, but makes little effort to explain Silicon Valley or the Facebook phenomenon. Indeed, much of the story borrows from depositions taken in cases pressed by former associates over the founding and subsequent ownership and control of Facebook.

Whatever, it’ll be what it is…and I’m sure it’ll make a bunch of money. But one thing you won’t see in that film, is photos like the one above – Justin Timberlake doing blow off some boobs! These photos come from his film Friends With Benefits that he’s filming in NY with Mila Kunis!