Things Looking Up For Miss USA Tara Conner

March 2nd, 2007 // 2 Comments


Dang, getting called out for being a booze hound has been the best move Tara Conner could have ever made for her career. Now, with 78 days sober under her belt, she gave an interview this week to Kentucky’s Herald-Ledger in which she talked about her recovery process.

“I was a functioning alcoholic,” Conner said. “I could deny I was an addict. I could do things and you’d never know. I think it was shocking for some people. I had so much support from my people at home…People don’t understand how much that helped me while I was there.”

In addition to her plan to maintain her sobriety, Conner talked about her goals for the future, which include taking up permanent residence in New York, as well as throwing her hat in the ring for the role of Roxy Hart in the Broadway production of “Chicago.” I feel so left out. All the cool kids are going to rehab, and I have a feeling the closest I’ll get to that is my one summer at fat camp. It’s just not the same…

By Lisa Timmons

  1. People have been kicked out for less things. I heard donbald only gave her a second chance because the runner up was black. I dont know, i just think giving her a sec chance is not fair. Ton of people before got revoked, disqualified, or kicked out for less

  2. cait

    It is the Herald-LEADER! Not ledger. Better editing always needed on this site.

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