Things We Love: Kate Middleton At Wimbledon 2012 [PHOTOS]

Kate's Hottest Photos
The Duchess never fails to look gorgeous.
You know how much SOCIALITE LIFE adores/respects/idolizes Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and we love when she kicks back to watch one of her favorite sports.

During the 2012 Wimbledon Tournament, Her Royal Highness was present at the All England Club on July 4th with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge.  Yesterday (July 8th), she and Pippa Middleton made sure to catch Andy Murray in the Gentlemen’s Championship against Roger Federer.

Catherine’s facial expressions were animated, chock full of emotion and quite telling of how into tennis she is.  And you know what?  Her vibrant expressions are very reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth at many a horse race in the past.  One can be a stoic symbol of tradition and have a favorite past time, can’t one?