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Honest to pete, what is better than receiving your GOOP newsletter?  ‘Tis a pleasure to pour through Gwyneth Paltrow’s tales of silver spoon woe, followed by a solution suggested by one of her many high-profile professionals.

In today’s GOOP, we were treated to tips for traveling, provided by people who make enough money to enjoy A) Priority Access through the security line B) Priority Access to the first class cabin C) Refreshing showers in first class lounges should you find yourself on a dreadfully long layover.  Meet the panel: Donna Hay, magazine editor, food stylist, author, mom and Seth Friedman, talent manager to Cheryl Cole and Will.i.Am.

“I am a window person,” Friendman says.  “Window people are slightly more selfish than aisle people. I don’t like to be disturbed by the person next to me, but am less bothered disturbing someone else. The best option, of course is for no one to be disturbed which is why I love the aisle/window wishbone configuration of many business class planes, including Air New Zealand and Virgin.

“Air New Zealand has an amazing looking new feature in economy class on their new 777 service called Sky Couch. You purchase an entire row for just slightly more than two seats would cost.”


“I choose my flights by aircraft type and route,” Hay explains. I choose my flights by the cheapest ticket, but go on.

“I prefer to fly the A380 as the cabin much less drying and seems to have a different pressure than an older aircraft. There is always a short stop-over en route to London and I choose the flights that stop in Singapore, as I prefer the airline lounge showers there. I always shower at the stop-over, and if I am feeling a bit blah I wash and blow dry my hair. It may seem strange, but it makes me feel so much better.”

“This may be too much information,” Hay added, “but before I slip into the airline pajamas, I coat myself in a really nourishing body lotion.” OMG total- wait, airplane pajamas?

Literary agent and friend of Paltrow says about flying: “I savor my flight time. The forced respite from email makes me feel puckish and delinquent, like I’ve skipped class, and I usually compound the mischief by reading something that has nothing to do with work.”

Meanwhile, us plebes can’t wait to get the f**k off the plane.