Things That Force You Into Rehab: The Demi Lovato Edition

November 4th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Have meltdown, will check into rehab.

Once upon a time, teens were forced to “bottle up” their issues until they bubbled to the surface on prom night.  Nowadays, those issues will land you a trip to rehabDemi Lovato experienced such a milestone in her teenage years this past week, and reasons behind her decision have come to light.  It turns out an altercation between Lovato and a dancer on the Jonas Brothers world tour triggered the Disney Star’s breakdown.  Here’s the story:

Lovato invited friends, dancers, and her parents out to dinner after a show one night.  When dinner was over, a small group (including Lovato) broke off and went out.  It turns out that small group was out partying, which is apparently a no-no.  Lovato’s stepfather and tour managers confronted the group, (again, including Lovato) about what happened the previous night.  Lovato flipped out and thought someone had told on her.  While on a plane later that day, she confronted a young dancer whom she thought was the snitch.  The confrontation got physical, but it was one-sided, according to sources.

“Afterwards, Demi felt awful about her behavior and realized she needed to take personal responsibility for it,” says the family source. “Because of this, and because of the battles Demi has fought throughout her life, both she and her family realized she needed to take steps to get help immediately.”

After all was said and done, Lovato realized she needed to seek professional help for the emotional and mental issues she was suffering.  Her team stressed that Lovato is “not in drug rehab.”  It should also be noted that the Jonas Brothers (namely Lovato’s ex, Joe Jonas) were not involved in this incident, nor is Jonas’ current flame, Ashley Green.  There are reports swirling around that there is friction between Lovato and the lovebirds, but sources close to Lovato confirm that their relationship has nothing to do with her decision to enter rehab.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Dee Cee

    Then she is the bully and is afraid of being sued.. Coward

  2. Lola

    So doing something wrong, being called out by your parents, and being a b*tch to others is now grounds for rehab? Sounds like everyone is worried about her image, when her parents should be whooping her butt and grounding her for being a brat.

  3. cam

    Isn’t she 18? She makes her own money. I understand that she has emotional issues but to get in trouble with the parents at this point…they need to lay off her. she’s an adult. I think it’s a great idea for her to get help for her insecurities…but she has to also grow up and realize she has a great thing going right now.

  4. Pats

    This sounds like typical teenager crap. You don’t go to rehab for showing bad judgment, counseling maybe, but not rehab. This is just the official story being told. There is certainly more to it and probably alot dirtier too.

  5. msp

    Yes, then SHE is the bully. Why the whining about being bullied then? SHE was the one doing it.

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