Things I Want To Know: When Liam Payne Developed These Super Sexy Abs

One Direction Gets Silly
1D brought the silly to the photocall for 'This Is Us'
OK, so from the beginning Liam Payne has been my favorite member of One Direction.

Sure I can appreciate the hotness of Harry or the bad-boy stylings of Zayn, but Liam is the one who captured my heart. Now, we’ve seen Liam shirtless plenty of times. I mean, we’ve even seen it twice in the past month. Once he was hanging out on his balcony, and once he was surfing with Louis.

But guys! When did he get those abs? Have they been there the whole time and I just missed them before today? 

Is he just leaning in the right position to make them look extra defined? Maybe that’s it. Whatever it is, I loves it. And I loves Liam. Not in the same way that I loves Orlando Bloom, but I wouldn’t mind Liam buying me a drink and letting me stare at him. Don’t worry guys, he’s 20 so my feelings are OK.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of shirtless Liam enjoying some surfing in Australia. Are you feeling the same feelings that I am? Let me know in the comments!