Things I Need: This ‘Color Me Swoon’ Coloring Book Featuring Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron & More

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Guys guys guys!!! Look! Look at the awesomeness that is Color Me Swoon!!!

Sorry about all the exclamation points, but you need to understand how excited I am. Today we got our first look at Color Me Swoon: The Beefcake Activity Book for Good Color-Inners As Well As Beginners. And oh my lord does it look amazing.

The coloring book–written and illustrated by Mel Elliott, who also gave us the Ryan Gosling coloring book–features an array of hot actors that you can color, read about and even rate out of 10. Needless to say, this book is a win.

Can you imagine just how fun it will be to sit down and color Ryan Gosling while reading poetry that Elliott has written about him? Or what about coloring in a super sexy photo of Brad Pitt circa the 90s while figuring out how the Seven Deadly Sins “manifest themselves in you”? It’s just too good.

The book will be released on September 3, so you while you won’t have it to color during this Labor Day weekend, it can be a fun weekday activity. Because everybody needs some weekday pick-me-ups. Launch the gallery to check out some pages from the coloring book and tell us how excited you are in the comments!