Thieving Gossip Blogger Counter-Sues, Gears Up For Battle

June 26th, 2007 // 25 Comments


Captain “Shiteous” has filed a countersuit against one of the photo agencies that’s sueing him for stealing so many photos over the years. I don’t think his ass had a receipt. His suit claims that photo agency X-17 hires “illegal aliens” to intimidate the other photogs and that they also employ convicted felons. Remind me to never move to L.A. People are ripping each other off, and roughing each other up in the streets!

Filed yesterday, Lavandeira [Perez]‘s Los Angeles Superior Court complaint alleges that the X17 agency’s owners engage in “illegal and unethical business practices” and that they exploit the company’s photographers, many of whom are “from Brazil or other countries” and are “believed to be illegal aliens.” He also charges that the agency may “employ photographers with criminal backgrounds and/or gang affiliations.” While Lavandeira does not identify any paparazzi by name, X17 photographer Ramon “Twist” Kirk is a convicted sex offender. As first revealed by reporter Eric Longabardi, Kirk spent 16 months in a California prison for the felony sex crime, which involved a teenage girl.

Oh oh. This could be a monkeywrench in the machinery of gossip blogger downfall. Keep reading for how Perez is using his site to gather evidence against X-17.

He’s on his site trying to also prove that X-17 has been stiffing past and present photographers or something:

Notice To All Current And Former Photographers Of X17

Does X17 owe you money?

If you feel that you have not been adequately compensated by X17 for your time (including overtime) or your photographs, please contact us at immediately.

We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s on now! Truthfully, he was the forerunner of this whole gossip blogging business, and I’ll give that to him. He was definitely the first of many. But you can’t act all cocky about ripping people off or they will cut you. Or your server will dump you. Still – I want his paycheck for drawing pee streams coming out of people. And I certainly don’t want to be an Oscar-winning actress and the photog’s cool with trying to rape me. I certainly didn’t go to the Actor’s Studio and withstand James Lipton’s smarmy ass for it to come to that.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    The stench of the theiving idiot is palpable. Frivolous lawsuit anyone? He’s going down hard, thank God, he steals from companies, his friends and declares bankruptcy to avoid paying his bills.

    He’s quite the charming beauty, non?

  2. jannre

    Perez Hilton is an ass.

  3. mike

    The saddest part is, if he finds himself behind bars, he still won’t be able to find anyone willing to fuck him.

    Oh, who am I kidding? That’s the funniest part.

  4. silvarga

    Can you seriously countersue someone for something that has nothing to do with you, except tangentally?


    If he can’t fall prey to some freak but poetic accident then I’d love to see him destitute and forgotten.

  5. J$

    Ok, I’m new to this whole gossip blog thing, but I think it’s funny that you guys have blogger rivalries.

  6. me

    I’m sure the lawyers will be laughing all the way to the bank with what it cost to bring a suit like this to court. Perez stole photos-constantly–that is not fair use.It is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and the agencies can collect up to $150,000 per IMAGE on each photo he stole PLUS legal fees…THAT IS THE LAW… It doesn’t even matter if someone has profited from the photos.

    This is WILLFUL INFRINGMENT…Perez knew he was not the photographer and that he was stealing all along..That carries stiff finacial penalties that could cost him millions.

    It does not matter AT ALL how X17 treats its employees or WHO they emply.

    But most likely they are all stringers for the agencies and the agencies just sell for the photographers behalf.

    Former Big shot Photo editor

  7. Well said. He was definitely the forerunner of the gossip blogs and you have to admire his success, but his downfall is going to be his complacency. I’m sure he knows deep down knows that he’s fighting a losing battle. Keep up the good work J.

  8. Margaret

    I don’t think Perez has a suit, but if X17 is indeed using illegals, paying them under the table and not paying the proper taxes, the Feds will come in. Maybe that’s what Perez is up to. Perez is indeed a piece a work.

  9. Cameron

    Whatever, I freakin’ love Perez Hilton. He’s hilarious (but socialite life is still my favorite).

  10. Trixie from Toronto

    How do X17′s alleged business practices hurt him? What is the basis of his lawsuit? What are the damages being done to FatAss Hilton by X17 hiring illegal aliens? It is going to get completely tossed out of court.


  11. Cally

    He is a complete idiot and proven to be a thief time and time again. He hates on people that call him out and kisses asses of those that don’t.

  12. West Ham Geezer

    Do these blog sites make huge money or something? Is Perez actually worth the millions he may be sued for?

  13. lola

    Don’t be hatin’!
    He has made a name for himself and is very funny – I love his scribblings on the pics.
    Why are you having blogger wars?
    What makes you so hateful to him?

  14. sdsunshine

    There was this great letter that the guy from wrote to one of these paparazzi websites where they told him exactly what Perez is going through. He really gets these paparazzi guys by the balls… I tried finding the letter on DSF but I got frustrated and gave up… it was about 3 or 4 weeks back. Anyway, he said something along the lines that he doesn’t make money from his site and that they should pay *him* for sending all these blog readers to their site (giving them more business).

  15. Naut

    I’ve decided (after seeing those antics today) never to visit his site again. He’s just an a$$ who is full of himself. No doubt this will get thrown out of court (and he’ll have to pay!) but he’ll also lose the copyright lawsuit and HOPEFULLY get shut down.

  16. Zekers

    He seems to be pretty desperate, with his attempts to point the attention in a different direction. Granted, it’s probably good that he ratted out the situation @ X-17 but it isn’t going to help his case…sounds like Perez is in big trouble and it couldn’t have happened to a more disgusting character. So what if he was the first gossip blog, ASL is the best gossip blog!

  17. Mei

    He makes (or used to make) money from his site based on hits and ad sales. He’s income from last year was posted somewhere on the net awhile back. Somewhere around 700K or 1M, but I can’t remember exactly. The guy is a douche.

  18. mel

    This loser should be charged for what he looks like alone.

  19. paul higgind

    perez is the best blogger ever, no one comes close, he is funny and shameless.
    he says things all the other bloggers would be terrified to say. he is unique.

  20. I want Me


    Your little intelligent tirade was sexy. Rowr.

  21. sue me fucktards

    Perez rocks! Ya’ll fucked in the heads and he wouldn’t fuck any of your lame asses! Go perez! This site is a cunt

  22. anon

    Perez is really the most unattractive gay man I’ve ever seen and usually gay men are quite attractive. I just don’t understand. No amount of pink hair or blue hair dye will fix that. Not only is he overweight but he dresses like a complete slob but yet is a shamless attention whore. I just do not understand. I’ll read his site if I am bored but I find his self-references as “the Gossip GangStar” and other shamless, relentless self promotion to be very annoying and draining. Not worth reading his site constantly. What an idiot. His 15 mins is up.

  23. Have you seen the YouTube video JOss Stone made bashing Perez Hilton? It’s Called the Help Perez Hilton Foundation….. the battle is on at Help Perez Hilton Foundation

  24. Samantha Jones

    Oh that little queen is just pissy ’cause X17 kisses Shitney’s ass and Mario hates her.

  25. nick

    He has no case. No matter what or who X-17 hires, if Perez didn’t purchase the photos he uses on his site he is GUILTY.

    And if X-17 owes photographers money, that still has nothing to do with him using their photos without their permission.

    He’s slime. A big wannabe who can’t be.

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