They’re Selling Britney’s Hair On Ebay


What freakish fanilow, or serial killer is going to make this purchase? Britney’s hair is up for auction .

(and extensions) PLUS Her Redbull and Bic Lighter. You have heard the story on the news… No need to repeat it here. This is the auction you have been waiting for. I am selling the hair as well as the 3/4 full can of Redbull she was drinking and her blue Bic Lighter. I am selling this on behalf of Esther and her family. We are offering it for sale here at what we feel is a realistic price. This is a piece of history that can not be duplicated.

The auction we’ve been waiting for?!? Who the hell was waiting for some international pop icon to go full-on bananas and shave her damn head so they could have her locks? Like I said, freakish fanilows and serial killers! Someone is going to buy those remnants and massage their face with them and imagine sharing a Red Bull with Brit. Or killing her. *shiver* I’m afraid of Americans.

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