They’re Selling Britney’s Hair On Ebay

February 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments


What freakish fanilow, or serial killer is going to make this purchase? Britney’s hair is up for auction .

(and extensions) PLUS Her Redbull and Bic Lighter. You have heard the story on the news… No need to repeat it here. This is the auction you have been waiting for. I am selling the hair as well as the 3/4 full can of Redbull she was drinking and her blue Bic Lighter. I am selling this on behalf of Esther and her family. We are offering it for sale here at what we feel is a realistic price. This is a piece of history that can not be duplicated.

The auction we’ve been waiting for?!? Who the hell was waiting for some international pop icon to go full-on bananas and shave her damn head so they could have her locks? Like I said, freakish fanilows and serial killers! Someone is going to buy those remnants and massage their face with them and imagine sharing a Red Bull with Brit. Or killing her. *shiver* I’m afraid of Americans.

More of Britney at the tattoo parlor after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. -A

    Screw Britney shaving her hair or having a mental breakdown in front of the world. Bigger question. WHERE IS HER MOTHER! WHY ISN’T SHE BITCHSLAPPING THE SHIT OUT OF THE GIRL AND TELLING HER TO GO TAKE SOME UPPERS!?

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Brit doesn’t think, she went to get her balding head fixed by going darker, and went a used cheap bleach on it again and got to tight extentions, pulling out more hair.

    My God she’s just so dumb, so unable to work anything out like an adult on her own. She went to Eric Clapton’s rehab, which is one of last resort – like a boot camp instead of some place where she might fit in better and work on her many problems. Dumb people do dumb things.

  3. tank

    “Because of You”

    They said she lacked talent
    That she couldn’t sing
    They said she was dirty
    For getting a belly ring

    They said she was unworthy
    A fake and a whore
    That she didn’t deserve
    What she’d been given credit for

    In time her smiles went away
    And she tried to hide
    In men, beer and drugs
    Tell her spirit had died

    Then she tried getting up
    But was tripped by her “reality”
    And those who wanted her off her pedestal
    Finally, do see…

    The girl really wasn’t a “princess” at all
    But a human who gets kicked by the WORLD when she falls
    And now she’s gone bald
    And the public asked, “Why?”

    “Because of you,” she’d said, with tears in her eyes.

  4. kelly Rummelhart

    If I were KFED’s lawyer, I’d buy it, have it tested for drugs and use it against her in court!

  5. Crystal K

    I like her better with no hair. Everyone talked about how horrible her hair looked, so she did this to shut everyone up I suppose. But if she wants to avoid attention, this was another poor choice. Maybe she will start a new trend!! LOL!

  6. Elaine

    We’ll probably see that hair on Ebay again after some crazed fan knits a pot holder or a sweater out of it. Either that or they’ll glue it to their own head.

    PS: It looks like that auction (with the red bull and lighter) has been removed from Ebay, but lucky for you, there are other auctions selling her hair. They are trying to sell it for $300+. The broom that swept up the hair is also for sale, currently at $11 with 3 bids.

    Sweet Lord, thats terrifying.

  7. kevinsucks

    Like most of us, Britney needs a partner in her life that will be loving, trusting, giving, sensitive, understanding, loyal, playful, curious and not self absorbed. While it is difficult for the average person to sometimes find that person, being a celebrity makes it all that much worse.Sorry Kevin was the one who hurt her the most

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