These Seven Adorable White Lions Cubs Born In Captivity Make Us Go Aww

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Holy adorbsfest! As if we couldn’t get enough of these totally cute aww moments, zoo keepers at the Himeji Central Park Zoo have released photos of these incredibly swoon worthy white lion cubs who recently made their debut into the world!

According to Daily Mail, there are only 300 white lions known to be in existence in the entire world.

This is the first time white lion cubs have been born in the country of Japan and the cubs will be be on display for the public later this week. 

Seen here, thirteen day old lioness cubs are fed by zoo keepers at Himeji Central Park on July 9th in Himeji, Japan. The seven white lioness cubs, given birth by three female South African Lions were born on June 6th, 26th and 30th.