These Might Be The Last Photos We See Of Charlie Hunnam In Period Clothing For Awhile, So Enjoy It

Charlie Hunnam's Sexy Smile
Charlie Hunnam shows of his smile on the 'Sons Of Anarchy' set
You hear that folks? Crimson Peak has pretty much finished wrapping in Toronto, which means we won’t be getting many more photos of Charlie Hunnam rocking his perfectly marvelous turn of the century look.

But lucky for us, the Sons of Anarchy actor did give us one last chance to stare at him on set yesterday. I actually thought they were totally done shooting since Jessica Chastain posted photos of a wrap party.

But I guess what they say is true, no rest of the gorgeous. 

Charlie smiled rather widely as he walked around set and got into a car. Sadly there was no last minute costume change into his tuxedo, and there was no sighting of his long coat. Oh how his long coat brought me joy. So much joy.

So now, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Charlie to bring you joy, too. If there are more photos of the star on set, you best believe I’ll bring them to you. If not, we’ll all be sitting here waiting till the movie comes out more than a year from now.