There’s No Escaping, Zac Efron

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Zac Efron! It seems Efron fans will find the actor no matter where he is to express their love and adoration.

While filming “Me and Orson Welles” on the tiny Isle of Man, off the coast of England, Efron told Extra at an L.A. press junket for the film that “the idea of going to a fairly secluded place and to fly away for a couple of weeks… I was so excited to leave all the attention behind.”

Not so.

Efron and cast mates were greeted by a cheering, small group of fans. “It’s incredibly endearing and cool that they would do that kind of thing for you. I’m very grateful,” he said.

Debuting Nov. 25, “Me and Orson Welles” is a film adaptation of the book centering around a 17-year-old high school student (played by Efron) who takes on a small role in “Caesar” a Broadway play by Orson Welles. Will High School Musical fans follow him to this new venture?

Probably. They seem to follow him everywhere.

Gallery Info: Zac Efron arrives at Heathrow airport on a flight from Los Angeles. The ‘High School Musical’ star is in England for the premiere of his latest film ‘Me and Orson Welles’. & at Heathrow airport.