There’s A War On But The Network Brass Doesn’t Want Sally Field Telling You About It

Sally Field won an Emmy and then tried to protest the war, but she got her ass censored. I’m of two minds about this. Part of me is wow, actual free speech. And – like god forbid anyone talk about anything real – you might upset Ryan Seacrest and the one 80-year old World War II veteran in Biloxi who thinks we should still be over there doing god knows what and losing American soldiers daily for oil and defense contracts and because our President is a Jesus freak retard. Why are you censoring her ass? Isn’t that what the country is all about? Real problems and not “American Idol”? But the shallow part of me thinks that damn, Sally, I just want to hear people read badly off a teleprompter and bag on ulgy dresses and watch closeups of shattered faces when certain names aren’t called for the win. Oh, and hope for a shot of Joey Fatone’s butt. Why you gotta make everything all heavy and stuff, Sal? The shallow part of me is one of the reasons our country is going to hell and the world hates us, by the way. Multiply my apathy by the population of North America.

“That’s too bad,” the Lead Actress in a Drama winner said afterward (and matter of factly) of the uproar. “I wanted to say something about the mothers who wait for their children to come home. I wanted to acknowlege them and what they do. I said at the end there is no question, that if mothers ruled the world there would be no war.”

Pressed to elaborate on Fox’s bleeping, Field again shrugged, “Oh well. I’ve been there before. Good. I don’t care. I said what I wanted to say. I really think that if mothers ruled the world we wouldn’t be sending our children off to be slaughtered. That’s what Nora Walker is [about], she’s this mother and she sees life through that.”

I’ll get off my half a soapbox now.

Many more Emmy Red Carpet and Press Room photos (Thomas Hayden Church, Helen Mirren, Robert Duvall, Sally Field, Tina Fey, Conan O’Brien, John Stewart, Jamie Pressley, James Spader, America Ferrera, and more) taken by our very own Wayne Ford are after the jump.