There’s a Paris Hilton Expert In Our Midst


And it’s me! Well, not really. Luckily, though, getting the title of “celebrity expert” pinned on your lapel isn’t quite as lengthy and difficult a process as you might think. I recently chatted with Judy Faber from CBS’ “The ShowBuzz” on her weekly entertainment podcast, “BlogBuzz” for a very special Paris Hilton-themed podcast episode. With Paris doing jail like Britney does rehab, Judy gave me a call so that we could have an educated, well-adjusted conversation about the criminal justice system and celebrity. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s a miracle I wasn’t just drunk, slurring and pointing, “…and another thing…” while occasionally taking a break to reapply my lip gloss on my cheek. Get it! Cause I’m a boozy lush, like all socialites, apparently!

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