There’s A New Music Video With Shirtless Harry Styles And You Don’t Want To Miss It

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I love when attractive celebrity men decide to take their clothes off. Seriously. Their managers may consider this a nightmare to deal with, but personally I think it’s the best decision they could ever make. I support you guys and your shirt removing decisions, I really do.

Harry Styles was one of those celebrities to make the choice to bare it all in a new video that was just released. The video is a promo for Jason Derulo‘s new hit song “Talk Dirty,” and his album that drops in April. Jason lucked out and was able to land a whole host of celebrities to help him, including our pal Harry. 

Harry and his fellow One Direction bandmates Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson were among the celebrities that Jason enlisted to dance and act silly for his video, and the boys really went with it as they danced like crazy to the song while in their dressing room.

The shoot was clearly meant to be a laid-back affair, as everyone wore casual clothes and just fooled around. Harry even pretended to have Dracula teeth at one point. Very sexy. Looks like he’s having fun despite rumors that he might be leaving 1D. Other celebs that appeared in the video were Pete Wentz, Larry King, Austin Mahone, Ryan Seacrest, and a whole host of others. Jason clearly hangs out with the right people.

Speaking of ridiculous things, we also saw Harry in another place recently – with his motorcycle on the side of the road. The star’s ride broke down while he was out riding it, and had to call for assistance. Whichever tow truck driver got that call must have been thrilled.


By Caitlin Anders

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