New Beginnings For Mad Men

There are a lot of new changes on the set of Mad Men. The ever iconic couple of Don and Betty Draper is no longer current, Betty is now on her second marriage to Henry Francis. The fourth season is including a lot of surprises and new dynamics on the show. January Jones, seen here holding some drinks walking around L.A. on August 7, 2010.
Jones’ character now has the advantage in her relationship with Don and is using that against him. January shares, “She knows she’s holding the cards. It’s very awkward between them but somewhat amiable at this point.” 
Jon Hamm, who plays Don expresses his feelings about the new kind of relationship he has with his on screen wife. “This is the new paradigm. It’s uncomfortable and difficult for Don,” reveals Hamm. 
Jon continues by talking about how his character is not always very charismatic. “There’s this thing in TV where people always want their character to be likable. Don isn’t necessarily that, but he can be rooted for. That’s the line we try to walk,” explains Jon.
January and Jon have both been nominated for Emmys and it seems like this season will give the actors some more powerful scenes to work with. Make sure to check out the Emmys on August 29th on NBC.