There Is A Mountain Of Evidence That Suggests James Franco Might Be Gay

James & Amber
Hot Miss Heard On Set With Franco In New Film
Could it be?

Many have speculated on the sexuality of James Franco. Let’s consult the evidence. He tends to bond well with animals. He showed off his bare ass for Broadway. And his bulge certainly doesn’t seem shy.

According to Gawker, Franco has been collaborating and working with a very close friend for quite some time. The two are so close in fact, that they have been living together for a while. They even share taxi cabs in the wee morning hours after last call. Could James Franco be gay?

And if he is, so what? The New York Times reveals that James has been longtime buddies since acting school with Scott Haze and is currently working with him on the newest Cormac McCarthy adaption, Child of God. The two have been living together and so naturally the whole world wants to know the exact pinpoint on the Kinsey scale where James is located. If you’re not familiar with that important shit, do yourself a favor and read a book or google Alfred Kinsey. In the McCarthy film, Haze plays a necrophiliac named Lester Ballard which should certainly prove interesting.

Seen here, James Franco and longtime friend Scott Haze pose for the paparazzi while wearing impeccably tailored suits. Both of these gentlemen are alarmingly handsome and Haze almost resembles a young version of Willem Dafoe, which really complicates things since Defoe is famous for playing Franco’s psychotic father in the Spider Man series.

Even if James is gay it would be amazing. And if James is bisexual, it would be amazing. And if James were a myriad of other sexual or gender differentiating things, it would be amazing. Because the world is evolving and James is cool as hell. And if you’re not down with sexual diversity you’re probably living under a rock. Gawker does admit that James is famous for poking fun at everyone’s curiosity and could very well be playing it up and laughing at the dramatic reactions. Bending gender and sexuality stereotypes is good and is probably teaching people a few much needed lessons.

Check out Franco’s instagram photo of his bromance below!