Then & Now: Stars Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ [PHOTOS]

Season Four Preview
Looks like we're in for an intense ride!
In two weeks, or fourteen days, The Vampire Diaries will be returning for its fourth season on the CW! As you may have already guessed, it will be premiering on October 11th.

Many familiar faces we all know and love will be returning. Maybe not right away, but throughout the season many of our friends will return. New people will be appearing too…including a new fatal vampire hunter. What does this mean for our heroes? How much blood will be shed this season?

The first two episodes are titled, Growing Pains and Memorial. Those of us who have tuned into the show for the past four seasons know that the episode titles usually symbolize something important about that episode. Take The Murder of One for example. One person really was murdered.

It’s almost how to believe four years have passed, isn’t it? Time can really alter the way a person looks. Take a look at our gallery to see how the stars have changed. Some of the changes might be shocking.