The Worst Dressed: 2010 MTV Movie Awards

There were some highs at the 2010 MTV Movie Award’s red carpet, but, oh, there were some lows.

Sean Combs went leather and denim on some kind of Andrew Dice Clay tribute. Someone revoke his designing license.

I usually enjoy Johnny Weir’s concoctions of motorcycle gloves and hats, but this C3PO meets tulle Tudor ruff around the neck is just a lukewarm mess.

Katy Perry is not a surprise here, the girl loves to dress camp. I actually appreciate the dress, it’s the mix of quirky and sexy that she usually pulls off so well, but why does she feel like living claymation with the wig? There’s nothing wrong with being human (minus spilling oil).

I get that she needed to cover the SCRAM, but that is ALL I can think when I see Lindsay Lohan’s stupid jumper. That and that I would like to walk into my computer screen and hike up the straps about a mile. Why does she always put her saggy boobs in my face?

Nikki are wearing birds and you are over five. Next.

The Jersey Shore Girls
…I feel bad for putting them on this list since it’s like teaching a dog to do a trick and then bopping him on the nose when he does it. But consider it an award for doing their job well.

Vinny Guadagino looked pretty good, but the rest – eh. However, all together they didn’t look nearly as clubtastic trashy as Jackson Rathbone.

Katerina Graham from Vampire Diaries…a few hours before she was scalping evil clowns, possibly drinking their orange blood, and putting their heads around her neck, when a giant ruffle boa constrictor that had sworn to protect the clowns attacked her and would not let go. But she still made it to the show, god bless her.

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