The World Weighs In On Jude Law’s Penis

August 18th, 2005 // 58 Comments

I’m thinking that Jude Law must be a grower and not a shower. In case you missed the exposure yesterday, here’s a rundown of what everyone was saying.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. screwu

    talk about sexual harrasment much

  2. Lisa McCrossan

    I think I may be more concerned with the, uummm, large shadow of hair aound his unit. Hasn’t he ever heard that shaving makes it look bigger! :-)

  3. Gossip Guru

    OK. . . . .. that is pretty small.Well lets hope he is a growER, becuase he definetly is not a showER.

  4. xelmo

    dam everyone is so mean to him. he doesn’t have to be hung like a horse to be big. i personally think his dick right now is normal sized. and so what? jeebuses, big deal over nothing


    I think thatif he trims the BUSH it might look bigger?
    But, he is changing clothes after taking a dip in the pool…y
    You know there is a thing called SHRINKAGE…
    But, I feel that as a gay man who has seen many a penises in my life, I am sure that with the right motivation it will definitely do the job…

  6. Biff

    Looks normal to me!

  7. Asiana

    “Looks normal” ha! No offense, but you must no be into Black men.

  8. gia

    he is a total sleazebag, but it looks great to me.
    big ones are so overrated. i actually prefer average sized ones.
    his is a normal size & looks wonderful.
    however, aethestically i do prefer them cut & his appears uncut.

  9. Shannon

    If you squint it looks like a Man-gina.

  10. I like that he’s not circumcised; I find “natural” men very sexy!

  11. mary

    I also agree that it is an avg size. Besides, he is just chilling and not aroused or anything, how big do u expect it to be? ANd it probably CAN grow bigger…
    PPl are just harsh because he is JUDE LAW, and everyone expects him to be hung like a horse. I can only imagine what’s under Cruises’s pants, or Affleck’s, or Pitts’s….

  12. Uhm, Yeah

    Biff, it looks normal to you because yours is probably the same size! I thought Jude Law’s looks were perfection, I guess I was wrong.

  13. lilly

    his pecker looks pretty darn small to me!

  14. Natalie

    Has anyone see “Trainspotting?” Ewan McGregor…HELLO!!!!! Now THAT man is packing (and it wasn’t even standing to attention). Sorry to hear his good friend Jude doesn’t quite have the same quality.

  15. devin

    i didn’t see trainspotting, but i’m going to rent it now! ;)

    yeah, i agree.. Jude’s weenie is definitely on the small side.

  16. Maezeppa

    His penis is fine, and his body is nice. Besides, nobody can tell a thing about erection size or his proweress as a lover from that.

  17. JD

    The average erect penis size is about 5.5 – 6.5 inches.

    Flaccid is smaller – like 3-4 inches (

    His flaccid penis in the picture looks average. It’s amazing to me that about 1/2 the comments here and most of the news reports say how small it it. Maybe these people happen to be in the higher percentiles? I think not. It’s the same phenomenon you get when you’re in a class with a competitive group of people. Somewhere around 70% of people think they will finish in the top 25% of the class. It just doesn’t compute.

  18. RJ

    As a gay man, with an above average penis, I can say that Jude Law’s penis looks about average sized, but quite thick, also he does have a lot of bush there AND he is bending over, which will make it smaller too…I think the guy could be on the above average size…

  19. agree

    I saw another picture of him from a different angle which shows his penis in a more clearer view, he is definitely not circumcised but his penis is not small, it is definitely avg.

    Ppl just want to be cruel. I bet more than 50% of the ppl have smaller ones than that but diverting the attention to Jude Law makes the feel better about their short-comings.

  20. Penny

    I don’t think that is small. I have no idea what everyone’s idea is of small size because thats not small. He is about 6 inches flacid & who’s to say what he is hard 7-8 inches. Jude law is hot & I would do him in my fantasies. In reality he is hot but, I wouldn’t do him I don’t like uncircumsized penises “ICK” Plus he is a bloody cheater!! I’m not into cheaters nor would I ever be with one. On another note, the only way I would ever have sex with a person who is uncircumsized is if the guy showers like twice getting under the foreskin (major scrubbing) or he wears about 2 or 3 condoms.

  21. eric

    he’s bending over too, guys know how that is, it “retracts” a bit

  22. mar

    he is uncircumsized

  23. joan pepper

    Why don’t you just ask the nanny how big it .She doesn’t seem to have a problem letting the world know about his penis.I,m sure while they were having sex she measured it!

  24. It is normal, my hubby can look smaller that that even if he has not just gone swimming and he can also hang about six inches, but when it grows it is a good 9 and thick. So cut Jude a break, anyone who has had a big man (for more than one night) knows they are not 10 inches 24 7 even if they are black.

  25. Stephanie

    I’ve seen smaller.

  26. IloveSam

    It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean!

  27. thefuckusay

    He is to busy to shave. Making all those stupid movies.

  28. shelle

    Better picture here :

    and it looks way tinier there

  29. Haha, Jude Law; with his 2 inch cock.

  30. Haha, Jude Law; with his 2 inch cock. I wish Jude was gay,id suck him off all night

  31. I Want to **** ur ass Jude

  32. mike90

    I wouldnt say no yum yum, he’s got no problems in the package department, ive seen smaller than his grow into monsters and his nanny didnt complain lucky bitch.

  33. Stronzo

    For the love of Christ people… that’s a grower.

    His penis is perfectly normal sized for flacid and could easily grow to a rather nicely thick 7 or eight inches when erect. I like that he’s uncircumsized too.

    Good god. Those schlongs that are flacid and long are called “meat cocks” and they do NOT get any longer when hard.


    Blood cock: Like Jude Law’s which becomes much larger when aroused.

    Meat cock: A long flaced “dangler” which, when erect, is no longer only hard (and ofter NOT very hard!)

    Cut the dude some slack.

  34. Jessica

    come on guys give him a break… so wut he have a small cock!! hes still a hot guy!! if u realli like him then give the poor guy a break!! aniway i love u Jude!!!

  35. …I’ve seen a lot worse….

  36. Adi

    He has an ‘average’ cock, his hair definately needs a trim. Once a player always a player! He’s a man whore and Sienna shouldn’t take him back no no no! If she does she’s the stuperdest woman out there.

  37. mth

    good penis

  38. Johnny

    I think that for a high profile actor, he has a small one but for an average joe, hell yeah, he big enough, id give him a blowjob like hes never had before…itll give him blue balls…

  39. IMPORTANT-ATTENTION!!!!: I watched the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley. In that movie, Jude Law gets out of a bath tub and walks across the room, and you can get pretty good glimpse of his penis, which appears to be about 8 inches long- and it is not erect! i think poor jude is suffering from shrinkage in these pictures

  40. Danielle

    Damn People, MAYBE if you all were getting laid then maybe you would not be so concerned in what his size is like. I just wanted to see the pic…. who freakin cares….to all the men out there, look at your size when just getting out of a pool and then judge people ok? Oh so you have a bigger penis then he does…well check this….he has a much bigger bank account and I believe that he would get laid much quicker than you would…penis or money….i would rather have bigger money SO SHUT UP.

  41. BobR

    How many men out there are kidding themselves about thie size? I’ve been with my share of men, and Jude’s is average to better, flacid. As for the uncut thing…comeon, he’s European. They aren’t into that barbaric mutilation. How would you bitches like it if part of your body was hacked-off for aesthetic purposes?

  42. Joana Cristina

    Hello There!!!
    Good Things are made to be seen.
    You all love him. what a nice Dick.
    Is a Celebrity, not a God, well, at least in my bed he would be.
    Show us more Jude.
    You Rock Cock

  43. Jill

    LOL!!! These comments are hilarious! I have had both circum & uncircum… If you love the person it makes no difference. My fiance is uncircum and I honestly can’t even remember if my ex’s circum was any better. ILOVESAM’s comment, so funny. JD is absolutely correct and has a very good point. I love logical thinkers, how big is yours? Just joking! Shelle gave us a link to a much better view/pic. It looks at least average, those things can grow into monsters. The question is people… does it get much more longer than wider or vice versa??!!

  44. frenchy

    im uncircumcized and honestly ive never had any complaints (i live in the U.S). my parents are from France so i guess they didnt think it was necessary. but to be honest i dont think most girls notice because it is more often than not in the “top down” mode and doesnt look much different than a circumsized one. besides i think it is more sensitive this way.

    on the size issue, im surprised that his size is such a big deal with the women on here. Im about 8 inches but most girls dont make a big deal about it.

  45. Philip

    Honestly—anyone who says they would kick Jude out of bed is a liar—including your daddy!!

  46. prettypenny

    his cock is NO way just 2 inches, it looks like about 4 inches in this pic which is normal I bet he grows up to 7 or 8 inches which is perfect thank u very much, what woman LOVES a 10 inch cock? please, we like it like Goldilocks, just right!

  47. Conrad

    My penis is small. At least it looks smaller than his.
    My erection is a surprisingly decent 7 inches and quite fat.
    He is not small in this flacid state anyway with a nice head that shows promise- you girls may be in for a shock.

  48. Sucker&Licker

    That looks good to me…And i want his hairy and uncut penis…Well, he’s very sexy too…
    And I just want to have a blowjob with him!!!!!!!If he want…

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