The Women: 2010 Independent Spirit Awards

The 25th Independent Spirit Awards is sort of a dress rehearsal for the Oscars, but the fashion reflected the low key atmosphere of the awards show. 

The ladies of the nights bigger winner, Precious, accessorized with smiles and winged statues. Gabourey Sideby went basic black with fish-scale tiers and a shrug while her Precious costar Mariah Carey went short, low cut, and tight. Hey, if you don’t have a statute, show of your globes. Monique went for sleeker lines and a lighter color in a short dress that showed off those hairy legs her husband loves.

I really want to hate Maggie Gyllenhaul’s dress, but hate isn’t the right word…we’re not best friends that’s for sure.  It has interesting draping and it’s almost the right place between edgy and conservative, but honestly her boob just looks so weird in it I’m uncomfortable.

I would love to add Jodie Foster’s blazer to my wardrobe, but it looks like she’s going to lunch instead of an award show. Olivia Wilde on the other hand looks like she went all out.  I’m loving the flowing movement and even the paisley print.  Carey Mulligan, whose flick An Education won Best Foreign Film last night, went for a unique print as well but she seems to choose these shapes that turn her adorable figure into a big block.

Mena Suvari tamed down that hair and slipped on some amazing fairytale looking blue heels while the fairytale girl herself Mia Wasikowska went modern and with hard edges in her clothes and hair.

If I could only pick one thing to show up in it would Maria Bello’s one shoulder shiny number although Rosario Dawson’s army green lace dress would be a close second. Choose your favorite (and of course least) of the night in the gallery.

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