The Weekly Roundup: The Gaytastic Golden Globes

January 21st, 2006 // 16 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    About Brad and Ang… Does anyone else sense a palpable aloofness when photos of the expectant couple surface? Choreographed or candid, they NEVER smile at each other, hug, hold hands, and barely acknowledge each other in pics… I remember how affectionate (read: crazy in love!) Ang was with Billy Bob and I also remember how intensely and lovingly Brad would look at Jennifer when they were together… I feel stupid about it now but honestly, I used to think: “Wow, to have a man look at you with those eyes — what a lucky girl”… And now? Nuthin’. For a while, they had to “hold back” for the sake of their image and I get that, but the world is well aware of their union now, so what’s the deal? Weirds me out and makes me believe this is not what we think it is…

  2. Shoe Slut is A Moron

    Slutty Shoe dear, you make no sense. Shut up. Brand loves Angelina. And I love Brad.

  3. ShoeSlut

    Yeah, *OUCH* that really hurts… It’s really annoying that these posts have become more about interpersonal put-downs than the celeb-based discussions they were created for… I’m not even gratifying your insults with a mean comeback although a few choice words do come to mind… Oh, and by the way, I’m sure you do love BRAND and all, but it’s BRAD you %&%^^%, *&^%%^.

  4. ShoeSlut

    Oh, and there’s no shame in revealing your ShoeSlutIsaMoron alias, ANGELINA!!!

  5. straight guy

    If I am a straight correspondent, I am arrested if I grab Scarletts booby…

  6. B

    Shoeslut: Your comment made complete sense. I’ve thought the same thing about the loving glances between Angie/Bob and Jennifer/Brad. To me, Brad has appeared kind of desperate, like he’s following Angie around the globe. Now that she’s pregnant, maybe he’ll relax around her, because he’s more secure? BTW, The freak that posted after you is mentally unstable.

  7. B

    Straight guy: Yes. Also, everybody will hate you and call you an asshole.

  8. ShoeSlut

    Hi, B — thanks for your kind post… I always hate inter-member bashing — it’s so unnecessary… Anyways, I do hope Brad relaxes a bit now as it’s exhausting to be “posing” around a lover — you can only “pretend” for so long and to a certain extent, I don’t care who you’re with and how crazy you are about them… I still wish them the best, though!

  9. ShoeSlut

    Oh, and straight guy — I wouldn’t be surprised if Woody Allen is fantasizinf about the exact same thing right now!!! : )

  10. prtyprincess

    If it is true that angie is prego with twins…

    Most people these days who end up with twins had in-vitro… I’m not stating a fact I’m just saying, maybe this was not an accident. Imean Brad and Jen never had children and we know angie wanted them soooooo… Maybe they decided to purposely get pregnant?

    Any other opinions?

  11. prtyprincess

    Sorry I have been sick and didn’t realize my post had already been discussed.

    Brain-Fart Sorry!!!!!!

  12. Green Eyed Angel

    I think Angie was thinking the same thing that all of us have thought at some point…”My my my, what perfect breeding stock he is.” And, fortunately for her, she had the power to do something about it.

  13. KYJelly

    Go Team ShoeSlut! No need for nasties here.

    Brad and Ang will get what they desrve whatever it is. Karma’ll always find you.

  14. doofus

    shoe slut, I’m with you.

    certainly, when angie was with billy bob, she was in her (extremely) weird phase, but they did look to be very in love with the way they looked at each other and acted when together. ditto for Brad and Jennifer Aniston.

    and, like you said, while they were originally trying to “keep it quiet” and not expose their relationship, we all know about it now (and did then, too…they didn’t fool anyone…) so why the aloofness? it IS like they don’t really like each other…

  15. Fugly Girl

    I tend to agree with you ShoeSlut, but just a thought. I wonder if she is trying to do everything opposite of the way she did with Billy Bob because she fears the same thing will happen. Also, I’m not too big on PDA myself, but when I was younger I would make out with boyfriends at the time like no one else was around. Maybe she is just maturing and trying to get out of the “weird” phase she went through. I wish them the best and hope they can stay together……..that seems so rare in Hollyweird these days.

  16. ShoeSlut

    Fugly Girl… You make a good point about them perhaps avoiding the behaviour which may have led to the demise of their couple in the past… However, I find it sad that they would carry it out to such an extreme, you know? If this in fact what they are doing — and why not, it makes sense in a “once bitten, twice shy” kinda way — they are reaaaaaaly taking it to the umpteenth degree with no smiles and no glances!

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