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February 23rd, 2007 // Leave a Comment

wayneheader.JPGAfter a few hours of recovering from Free Stuff Mansion, I returned to the same location for another Pre-Oscar event, this time sponsored by American Photo magazine. Upon my arrival I was immediately rushed to the red carpet to photograph David Carradine (Kill Bill Vol.2) and Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2) sharing a very intimate moment; Seriously I thought they were about to lock lips. I was also able to snag some great shots of Carlo Rota (24), and Matt Lanter (Heroes) before the lazy journalist in me kicked in and I headed inside to find a drink. On my way in, Andie Macdowell (Groundhog Day) breezed past on her way out, looking absolutely stunning.

The living room of the The Haven Mansion had been transformed into a mini photo gallery featuring work by Jessica Alba, Laura Harring, Michael Madsen, Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz and Forest Whitaker. Being somewhat of a photography aficionado myself I was very impressed by the quality of work by these actors. What do you think?

After acquiring a ginger cucumber vodka martini (interesting flavor but something I will never have again), we made our way to the tent area outside where Matt White was sound checking. What happened next was oddly inspiring and felt like one of those once in a lifetime moments. David Carradine took the stage, cigarette in hand and gave a moving introduction to Michael Madsen, saying the two have become like brothers. He continued by saying Michael took the photographs with just a disposable camera and how it’s not about the equipment but the eye behind it. Michael then jumped on stage, oozing bad assness out his pores, and said how nice it was for these people to frame up his pics and light them so they look all nice. Michael then pulled out a little sheet of paper that David had given him some time ago with some little nuggets of wisdom:

Those words of wisdom from David Carradine, plus more exclusive photos from the event after the jump.

Never marry a girl named Candy.
Don’t ever waste a good erection, even if you are alone.
Never slap a man chewing tobacco.

There was more but I can’t remember. For a few moments I was drawn into the world of these two fine actors that always followed their own path and eventually Hollywood caught up with them, not that they would have cared if it hadn’t. They definitely seemed to have something figured out.

Wow, that got a little “after-school special” at the end there.

Special thanks to mashculturelab and Reo Starr.

By Wayne Ford

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