The Wayne Stays In The Picture

Last night Lisa and I attended the Hollywood Prom 2007 at the swanky Boulevard3 in, you guessed it, Hollywood. The venue was beautiful and probably the most fun I had all night was walking around, listening to The Prom Kings sound check and taking a few photos. This was before they opened the gates to allow the herd of C-listers and wannabes in to trample all over my moment. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some genuine kind people at these events, they just get lost in the sea of ‘I’m young hot shit’ faces.

I started to get a little nostalgic about my high school senior prom; a wonderful night with a disastrous end involving my own personal bottle of tequila. I decided it was best to not drink last night.

About halfway through the red carpet arrivals my dream of Jesse Metcalfe showing up began to fade (he was on the list, dammit!) and I started to think about what these “celebrities” were like in high school. For some was only yesterday and for too many others, twenty five years ago. Were they popular like Cameron Diaz? Were they dorks like Cameron Diaz? While I was well known in high school (mainly because I had lived in the same town all my life) and actually, much to my surprise, ended up being the prom king- I never really considered myself popular. We had our ‘popular’ kids that were, for the most part, the stereotypical jock and cheerleader types that every school has.

More on the Hollywood popularity contest, plus Wayne Recommends, after the jump.

Just like in high school, popularity is very important in Hollywood. There are even companies and sites like IMDB Pro that track the popularity of today’s stars (Lindsay Lohan’s STARmeter ranking: 15, My ranking: 109,685) . You can also see which celebrities are being searched for the most at Yahoo’s Buzz Index, and the results are some times surprising. For example today’s top actress being searched is the beautiful Bollywood star, Aishwarya Ra. Uh, oh Lindsay you better get your ass out of rehab and reclaim your turf.

A few days ago while brainstorming some ideas for a title of a project, I typed into the words ‘funny people.’ being the cheeky son-of-a-bitch it is responded with this:

It’s a good thing I’m not funny.

Wayne Recommends:

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