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Wayne’s Idol Rant

Phew! The country can now rest easy as (at least some of) the integrity has been returned to American Idol as Sanjaya has finally been sent packing. Some blame the site, for Sanjaya’s run. The site is now endorsing the only contestant to ever come back from the dead, Phil Stacey. Did anyone see the owner of this site on Letterman? He was not, as they say in “the biz” camera ready. Why am I so mean today?

It’s always a little sad and awkward when they kick someone off and then say “Hey now sing for us one last time” but it has never affected me as it did with Sanjaya. My whole being was relieved to never have to hear him sing again and then it came: “Hey, why don’t you remind America why they hated you with one last song.” Click, TV off.

Now on the other side of things, I feel bad for the kid; he actually seems like a good guy and he’s only 17. The past few weeks he has been ripped to pieces by schmucks like me, Simon and I’m sure just random people walking down the street. It’s not his fault he stayed on the show so long. It’s yours, America. Sort of like the past two presidential elections. HAHA yeah I said it. I got all political and shit.

As far as my predictions for American Idol, I still think Melinda Doolittle will win. But the one to watch is Jordin Sparks, she’s been flying under my radar until this week when she sang the Martina McBride song “Broken Wing.” As judges pointed out she sang the song beautifully and more importantly “told the story.” When I sing I also try to tell a story but it’s always the same. It’s about this sick dying cow and the mutant hyena monkey that befriends him. Maybe I can make it to the Top 7 of American Idol.

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