The War Is On Between Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton

Ohhhh. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan apparently bitched it up at Hyde on Friday night, in Hollywood. The two were trash talking one another in a face-to-face bitch fest. Why can’t all the young starlets get along?

Paris’ rep, Elliot Mintz, plays down the incident. “Inside the club,” he says, “Paris was having a conversation with a couple friends. Lindsay approached her table and at that moment Paris felt she was being interrupted and didn’t wish to speak with Lindsay. A couple of words were exchanged and Lindsay went back to her table. I can understand how other patrons in the club could have thought it had been a bigger deal then it actually was.”

Sources tell TMZ that the root of this apparent tension may be because Lindsay has recently been on a publicity campaign for her new film, ‘Just My Luck.’ Sources say Paris is upset because during the campaign Lindsay has mentioned Paris’ name in interviews with the media. They say Paris feels as if Lindsay is using Paris’ name to further her career.

Our own Josh Levine caught up with Nicky, Paris and their friend Brandon Davis leaving the club, who had a few choice words of his own to say about the redheaded star.

Lindsay’s publicist told TMZ, “Lindsay doesn’t need to drop names to get publicity. She has talent, great style and beauty.”

Yes, and we all know that neither of them have every used anyone for sake of publicity. We all know that this is about the fact that Lindsay Lohan has chosen to stay friends with Nicole Richie, the arch enemy of Paris Hitlon.

Catch the video of Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton making fun of Lindsay Lohan.

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