“The View” Loves Its Ladies

The strong difference of opinion between young, conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the rest of “The View” ladies–especially Rosie O’Donnell–has been the source of the show’s renewed popularity in its tenth year. Every time the ladies launch into a heated discussion about a topic that has Elisabeth pitted against the rest of the group, American happily tunes into watch the sparks fly. However, Hasselbeck claims that she personally holds no ill will against Rosie, and that even though she may differ vastly from the outspoken comedian when it comes to politics, she enjoys a friendship with O’Donnell off-screen and hopes Rosie decides to return for another year on “The View.” From the L.A. Times:

If there’s tension in the show’s makeup room, it’s over whether O’Donnell will re-up for another year of provocative banter.

“I hope she does,” Hasselbeck said. “I tell her every day, ‘We have a lot to talk about — you better be here.'”

If it’s bickering America likes seeing, then I have a pitch for a great daytime talk show idea, in which I chat with my Latin aunts about why I’m right and they’re crazy. My grandmother can moderate, even though I know she’ll keep getting distracted and ask me to give her a manicure.

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