The Vampire Diaries Stars Picked The Monte Carlo TV Festival Over MTV Movie Awards?

I can understand why some people headed over to a TV festival instead of the MTV Movie Awards. Nip/Tuck and the I Dream of Jeanie legend Larry Hagman, Without a Trace’s Eric Close is, and Scott Wolf (Bailey’s looking old). Elisabeth Mitchell makes me feel like all of Lost (even though she was there with Scott promoting V) should have been invited by MTV, although that’s a lot of seats, but how did the stars of Vampire Diaries skip the red carpet for a random Television Festival?

Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalde  were just promoting the show in London before they headed over to Monte Carlo, Morroco for the the capital’s 50th TV Festival. The Golden Nymph Awards that are part of the festial are not until Thursday and the show isn’t even nominated. On the opening night yesterday (June 6) The Vampire Diaries stars joined Jessica Szohr and the rest of the crowd for a screening of a TV movie You Don’t Know Jack, so basically they skipped the big award show to watch TV. I totally didn’t get it until these.