‘The Vampire Diaries’ Love Sucks

Let the blood sucking begin!

Honestly when I heard that there was going to be another Vampire anything, I rolled my eyes. That said, Ian Somerhalder can suck on my neck anytime. Executive producer of The Vampire Diaries Kevin Williamson assures viewers that the series “quickly comes to a fork in the road and goes in a completely different direction.”

“It’s not Twilight, it’s not True Blood,” Williamson told television critics during CW’s day of the summer network briefings.

Somerhalder is “in every single episode,” Williamson says. “He’s the devil. He just comes to town and makes everyone’s life hell.” As for Paul Wesley’s character, he went out of his way not to watch Twilight. “If there are similarities to Robert’s character in Twilight, so be it,” he says.

Check out the cast at Comic Con clip after the jump, and enjoy the gallery from the The Vampire Diaries love sucks campaign.