‘The Vampire Diaries’ Love Sucks

August 8th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Let the blood sucking begin!

Honestly when I heard that there was going to be another Vampire anything, I rolled my eyes. That said, Ian Somerhalder can suck on my neck anytime. Executive producer of The Vampire Diaries Kevin Williamson assures viewers that the series “quickly comes to a fork in the road and goes in a completely different direction.”

“It’s not Twilight, it’s not True Blood,” Williamson told television critics during CW’s day of the summer network briefings.

Somerhalder is “in every single episode,” Williamson says. “He’s the devil. He just comes to town and makes everyone’s life hell.” As for Paul Wesley‘s character, he went out of his way not to watch Twilight. “If there are similarities to Robert’s character in Twilight, so be it,” he says.

Check out the cast at Comic Con clip after the jump, and enjoy the gallery from the The Vampire Diaries love sucks campaign.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. khandi

    yay, finally comments again. i’m psyched :)

  2. khandi

    yay, finally comments again. i’m psyched :)

  3. brenda

    i don’t like the tv show..

    because, they’re very very WRONG
    have didn’t they read the books??

    elena is supossed to be BLONDE!!!!!!!!

    i don’t want to watch this effin tv show…

  4. brenda


    they have to be respectful for the fans..
    i’m a fan of lj smith books…

    and i think this is going to be bad..
    haven’t they read the books??

    because elena is BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!
    they have to read the books at least…

    i won’t watch this thing…
    it makes me ill……….

    ohh poor Ian somerhalder…

  5. RayneBee

    The series might be good. We who read books know that, movies and tv series are nothing like the books. Books are more detailed.I want to see the difference. But everyone should know that something about the book will be changed to put it on the screen!

  6. SARAH

    i thank staven is is so cool in the tv show!! he is hot & i am 12 i am going to be 13 in a 11 days octder 12,1996!! you are so nice in the tv show i gost hope when i git older i can met you!you are my hero!!! i pribly now everyting about the vampire diaies!!

  7. martine

    I hate the show. But not because they deviate from the book. When a remake is done its a retelling of the story and any changes the new writers make are perfectly acceptable. Lots of more classic stories like Sherlock Holmes have been rewritten in every way from comical to thrilling. They had to change Elena from blond to brunette anyhow. NO ONE looks at a blond girl and thinks – how angelic! Maybe Hitler, but no one else. I hate the show because Elena is a stubborn, nauseating know it all who always wants to get her way. Being a childish brat is not being strong. Its just being childish. Anyone that loves a someone one day, then is angry the next day deserves to be shot. Elena needs a beating in the worst way. I absolutely hate her and hope she learns her lesson. No one should let kids read those books! You don’t want young girls thinking that being a stubborn brat who thinks her opinion is more important then anything else is the same as being independent and strong. Being strong means loving people despite them not always doing waht you like, and picking your battles. No one is perfect, but you should make everyone, especially your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like they are very good. Always. Just because something is upsetting to you doesn’t mean you can act like an ass. A grown up woman asks her love about it and sees what the explanation is. The book should be tossed in the garbage and the show too.

  8. feryat

    hi ilove

  9. feryat

    hi .ilove .twilight

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