‘The Vampire Diaries’ Bring Sex Appeal Times Two

Rumors that Taylor Swift will be joining the cast of The Vampire Diaries has young fans excited about the possibility of the country superstar as a guest, but it looks like the CW series is generating plenty of heat on its own.

People magazine is touting the supernatural series as a perfect blend of the youth of Twilight, with a heavy dose of True Blood’s decidedly adult sexuality. An article, which claims that three biggest reasons the seriers will “suck you in” are as follows: 1) Sex appeal, 2) It’s darker than Twilight and 3) Magic.

Also, the stars of the series, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have no problem baring their…souls. Definitely magical.

Gallery Info: Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder go shirtless on The Vampire Diaries.