The Unraveling Of Britney Spears


Britney Spears was working overtime this weekend, to make sure that none of us gossip bloggers enjoyed a slow, leisurely three-day weekend. But you know what? It was so worth it. With the poor thing in a crazy downward spiral ever since–well, damn, it’s been going on for such a while now, it’s hard to even remember when it started–it looks like maybe Britney is close to reaching rock bottom. That is, if her behavior over the weekend is any indication.

First, there were the reports of Britney checking into rehab for treatment at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads center in Antigua at the behest of her close circle of frustrated family and friends. Unfortunately, Brit-Brit only stayed for the course of a day and arrived back in Los Angeles Friday evening.

That night, at Esther’s Haircutting Studio in Tarzana, California, Britney showed up looking to shave all the hair off her head–real and otherwise. Owner of the salon, Esther Tognozzi, didn’t want to be the one responsible for buzzing the clearly emotionally distraught pop starlet, and says that Britney proceeded to do the deed on her own noggin and “showed little emotion” while doing it. Britney’s initial reaction to seeing her cue-ball for the first time was to say, “My mom is going to freak.”

The salon source says, “I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but she obviously is not very happy deep down, but she thought it would make her happy to have her head shaved. She didn’t say if she liked it or not, but she thought it would make her happy to do it so she did.”

As she headed out of the salon to face the media frenzy with her new do, Tognozzi asked Brit if her bald head represented a fresh start, to which Spears answered, “Something like that.” From there, Britney headed to Body & Soul Tattoo in Sherman Oaks later that evening, looking for a more permanent addition to the radical makeover she was clearly intent on having.

Shop employee Emily Wynne-Hughes tells that Britney arrived at the parlor agitated and, when asked why she shaved her head, replied, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.” Hughes adds, “She wasn’t making sense at all and you could tell she’s not in a good place at all, and that she is totally freaking out.”

The artwork Britney chose for her tattoo included a set of red and pink lips that now adorn her wrist and a black, white and pink cross, which she had placed on her lower hip.

Holy breakdown, Batman! If this woman thinks she is going to render me speechless with this stunt, then she…well, she…oh, who the hell am I kidding? I seriously have nothing to say to this.

Photos of a bald Britney Spears are after the jump.