The Unfortunate Choices Of Mimi

May 24th, 2006 // 16 Comments

We’ve been begging forever for Mariah to hire (or fire if she has one) a stylist. However, as the evidence we present you with today show she is in greater need of a hair stylist. I never really thought it possible for someone’s hairstyle to make them look slightly chubby. There is also the matter of the ill-fitting dress. And loose the damn butterfly!

More of Mariah Carey’s unfortunate choices, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katie

    She looks silly. 35 years old wearing babydoll-style dresses? C’mon, it’s just plain stupid.


    She’d looks like a big fat bright pink pig !!!!

  3. RunawayPoster

    What’s up with her right ear in the pics of her with the black dress? Does she wear a hearing aid? It just doesn’t look like any hearing aid I’ve seen. No problem if it is, just wondering.

  4. Sandra Day O'Connor

    I’m guessing that she’s really having a hard time getting older. Her outfits and hair reflect this.

  5. Maddyboy

    I actually can’t stand Mariah…but she actually has a very cute face. I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks. How cute!

  6. Kelly

    She looks like she always does – like a pig.
    And the pink, slutty, my-fake-tits-are-falling-out outfit – she wore that to a Boy and Girls Club event. She’s a pig slut.

  7. suckafree3

    All you bitches are just a bunch of jealous hoes. Mariah is filthy rich and if she was here you peeps would not be talking shit. I’ll lay Mariah down on my bed and spread them legs wide. I like that punani clean and then spit the wonderful taste in Kendra face.

  8. Laura

    She’s horribe! She hasn’t changed her style/image EVER! Maybe she should hire Nicole Richies stylist and drop all that weight

  9. Lisa


    You’re inappropriate! Go away.

  10. doofus

    In recent beach pics I’ve seen of Mariah, she most certainly does NOT look fat.

    she actually has quite a nice body, curves and all, but her clothing choices are her problem. everything she wears makes her look like an overstuffed sausage, when she in fact has a very good figure.

    Sandra Day O’Connor got it exactly right. mariah refuses to acknowledge that she’s over the hump of 35 and needs to start dressing like it, not like slutty paris hilton.

  11. petersburgva

    she usually looks like a chimp ,but i agree ,she now looks like a pig. either way ,she’s a beast.

  12. Gregory Sundborg

    I would rather see Miss Piggy doing porn than look at this absolutely disgusting fashion photo of Mariah. Mariah-your 15 minutes of fame died years ago!

  13. swinechimp

    Sandra Day O’Connor commented on Pariah’s lack of fashion sense?

    Pariah is not as fat as she looks in her ridiculous fashion choices. I’m 35 and I would NEVER want to wear what she wears; I wouldn’t have even when I was younger. Choose between a plunging neckline or a short skirt; wearing both just looks cheap. One could still wear short skirts past 35, but not micro-minis (which I think look ridiculous, not to mention uncomfortable, on anyone) and not with those cheesy-ass stripper shoes that she loves wearing. I also agree with a previous poster about the butterflies. Enough with the fucking butterflies. Yes, we understand that they symbolize beauty emerging from ugliness, blah blah blah, but they are so 1999, and so Claire’s !

  14. Realness

    15 minutes??…please, get real…i understand u dont like mariah but the woman has been in the game 16 years now and has only been outsold by MJ, Elvis, and the Beatles….it takes waaaay more than 15 mins to accomplish that.

    PS: she DOES need a stylist….like wtf??

  15. charlie

    those who put her down as fat and without fashion sense can carry a tune and sell it via an album, win an award after and get all those on music history records. they are all obsessed with fat and fashion that in person they’re exactly what they’re dissing mariah with — they’re all fat and hoe-lookin’!

  16. enlightened

    I agree that it is the clothes and hair that make her look fat, and stupid, and as far as her boobs, they are real. Look at how they hang ( not in a bad way,) real boobs don’t sit up under your chin when unsupported if you are 35 years old. Especially if you have gained and lost weight as many times as she has. And good for her for not feeling the need to have porn star fake tits. But please, cover them up. And a push up bra never hurt anybody!

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