The ‘Twilight Saga’ Daily Update – August 6, 2009

Here’s what’s going on in Twilight Saga land.

First off Twilight fans, I’d like to point you to our brand new Twilight Saga module in the right sidebar (it’s right underneath our Top Stories module). This is wear you will find our recent posts that deal with anything Twilight.

On to the news:

- The Twilight Saga: New Moon 2010 Calendar went on sale at Border’s yesterday (we brought you the calendar images), well there are also several screenshots from the film. (The Examiner)

- Eclipse has a new cast member. Jodelle Ferland has been cast as a human who turns into a vampire. (Mark Malkin)

- Check out this great new fan made New Moon Trailer. (ROBsessed)

- Robert Pattinson is voted the sexiest man by Glamour UK.

- A great interview with Peter Facinelli from TwiCon. Check out the video of the interview after the jump. (MTV Movie News)

As usual, check back for updates to the post throughout the day.

- Peter Facinelli Tweeted this: Just got back from a cast dinner. Love David Slade. I think he’s going to make a great film. He’s very intelligent and has great ideas. (Twitter)

- A great photo from the forthcoming Glamour magazine for an article on Twilight Beauty Nikki Reed (check out the cute shots of her and Taylor Lautner with fans in Vancouver), Rachelle LeFevre, Ashley Greene and Noot Seear.