The TV Chef Cat-Fight That Will Never Be

My favorite bitch-face, Martha Stewart, sidled up to Nightline this past Thursday to purse her lips and throw some shade!

After complaining that her prison stay cost her over a billion dollars (but gained her much street cred, y’all) and claiming that the loss was a detriment to mankind (stop rolling your eyes or they’ll fall out), Martha took a catty swipe at fellow egg-smasher Rachael Ray.

Martha claimed that Rachael was more of an entertainer with a bubbly personality, rather than a teacher like herself.  She also said that she couldn’t bake.  Them be fightin’ words!

The best part of the whole affair was Rachael’s response, which was to essentially agree with Martha.  She couldn’t deny Martha’s superior skillz!  And besides, nobody wants to mess with Martha post-hoosegow.  Was I right about the street cred or what!

Speaking of street cred, here’s Martha looking FABulous at Sean Combs’ birthday party on Friday night.  Don’t touch him Martha; you’ll have to find some homemade remedy to get the stench of sell-out off your hands.

Gallery Info: Martha Stewart and Sean Combs getting shmoozy at the Sean Combs’ Birthday Celebration Presented by Ciroc Vodka at the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel on 11/20/09.