‘The Tudors’ Returns With Rehabbed Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The last we’d heard of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he had checked himself into rehab. So it’s nice to see the Irish actor returning to the spotlight with good news. Rhys Meyers, who stars in the Showtime series The Tudors, in the title role of Henry VIII, is returning to the small screen for yet another season.

The role has done Jonathan good, according to the actor himself, “I think I’m more responsible as an actor. I’m responsible for what people feel through what I do on the show so I think I have become more respectful, more respectful of the audience.”

This season, fans can expect a slightly altered king, drunk with power. “He looks different, and I think in season three Henry realizes just how powerful he is and everyone will suffer,” Rhys Meyers predicts. True to form, there will be three marriages and one beheading on the Showtime series. He should really consider relocating to Wisteria Lane to clean house.

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