The Tropicana And Amanada Demme

July 12th, 2005 // 17 Comments

Amanada Demme and her Tropicana pool parties. It seems the ordinary folks are having a tough time being able to appreciate the Tropicana Bar and Pool. There have been many conflicting stories about the Tropicana being either strictly guest list, or a strictly private party venue.

The bouncer told us it was closed for a private party. While waiting for our car, we asked the valet what the party was for. He told us they weren’t having a party but that the Tropicana Bar has a strict guest-list policy. This sounded strange because the bouncer wasn’t holding a guest list! We asked if we could order bottle service. NO. We asked if we could eat dinner outside. NO. We asked if we got a hotel room, could we go? NO. The only way to get in is if you reserve a cabana room by the pool or stake your claim during the day before the velvet rope is set up.

When we stayed there recently, the pool was closed to hotel guests at random times during my stay – 5PM, 6PM, 2-6PM on a Sunday afternoon of the long weekend – and unfriendly and intimidating bouncers sit at the entrance to the pool to make sure no hotel guests enter during these times. At times the only restaurant in the hotel was closed for a private party at the same time as the pool was closed, leaving guests nowhere to have a drink or cup of coffee.

“The woman then charged over with a bouncer, a waitress and a couple other members of her entourage to eject us. “Excuse me,” she said in a very aggressive tone of voice “are you on the list? I’m afraid you can’t stay here.” So we packed up our things and allowed her goon to escort us out. On the way out I asked for the woman’s name and learned it was Amanda Demme….”

Amanda Demme, you try way too hard to be fabulous. I can understand the want for the bar to be exclusive, but when your denying hotel guests a seat by the hotel pool, something is very wrong.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tracy

    WHO the F is Amanda Demme???? She can’t be that important if I don’t know her! haha

  2. ella

    Yeah, I don’t know her either. She obviously is NOT important!

  3. Chris

    Yah It was pretty funny. My boss is an agent at an agency here in LA and she was so upset at the whole article and the way her parents were treated upon visting the Roosevelt she is urging every assistant within the company to choose other lodgings for New York clients working. A great mass email was sent out. Great Job Amanda !!! You really scored one up top with that one…you dumb bitch.

  4. guest

    she’s a music producer, wife of ted demme (producer of blow who died of a cocaine induced heart attack). she sounds a little bitter.

  5. how-do

    Huh? Who the fug? Speaking of fug – that chick is not attractive.

  6. sleazyred

    The budget of rennovating this hotel seems to have been entirely spent on the LOOK of the hotel, definitely not the FEEL.This is the worse place I have been to in LA for years. Not only did I have to pay $14 for a martini (more expensive than any of the leading NYC hotels and most of the LA hotels) but they didn’t even have any martini glasses. We had to wait over 20 mins for our drinks from the library bar (not books but hey it had plasma screens – TV is the new book right?), which had four other people in it. No, not four people deep queues – just four other people!! The bar steward would wander off mid-pour to help the cocktail waitress – of which there was one for the entire lobby floor. Upon leaving, we had to wait 20 mins for our car even though it was parked 10 feet from where we were stood, because the snotty valet supervisor was too busy helping people out of their range rovers and other bling cars. I watched in disgust as a family of four who were actually staying at the hotel, got out of the sedan and had to remove their own bags and carry them to the front desk – why? Because someone with a flashy car behind them needed their doors opened for them. This hotel has huge historic meaning – Shirley Temple practised her dance routines on the stairs in the lobby, the first Oscars where held here in 1929, Winston Churchill stayed here, Marilyn Monroe had her first modelling gig here, Errol Flynn hang out here- and whilst there is the argument that by doing up the hotel they have preserved it, finally driving away that night I couldn’t help but think that they’d destroyed something instead.

  7. sleazyred

    PS: forgot to add Amanda Demme comes off as a total bitch.

  8. Mariana

    If she’s gonna be such a bitch about people who aren’t good enough to hang by her stupid pool, sister could at least invest in a good flatiron. The tourmaline ones RULE!

    I think I’ll stick to the Chateau Marmont…they’re always nice to me there. And I’m the nobodiest of the nobodies.

  9. astralgirl01

    Not trying to justify her behaviour in the least, cuz she gives a lot of us here in NYC and LA a really bad name, but Amanda Demme is one of the big ladies-about-town in LA right now.

    She’s a huge producer/movie soundtrack supervisor, and yes, the widow of Ted Demme. And now she owns a major part of the Tropicana, and is gearing up to become doyenne of LA nightlife.

    And the whole thing about keeping the Tropicana uber-exclusive is something along the lines of the “Lotus” effect: when Lotus opened in NYC, the doormen were instructed to turn away ANYONE who wasn’t on their 1,000+ person Uber-VIP list and/or an A-list celeb. Honestly, the venue was empty for months (!), the owners lost thousands of dollars BUT lines were building around the block, but it helped to build Lotus’ rep as one of the most exclusive hotspots in the city, as well as kept lines outside along with tons of investment banker dudes with Black Amexes willing to do whatever it took to get inside, which these days equals huge success (ew).

    So it sounds like AD and her crew are trying to pull the same shit out in LA….

  10. reminds me of groucho’s line, i wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member. and i’ll add, this ridiculous person’s in particular. life is too short to put up with that kind of foolishness.

  11. anon

    wow…i went here on a recent weekend and didn’t have a problem after requesting bottle service…must’ve been a night amanda was off? had a blast there and everyone, from the waitresses to the other patrons, were awesome…

  12. lala

    I took one look at that fhoto and thought it was howard stern, and by the way I’ll add to the list of people who have no clue who this so called “celb” is.

  13. Amanda Scheer-Demme is a mega-bitch. that’s her thing. to be a successful high-scale club promoter you have to be a tough, hard-ass. and clubs that let in anyone don’t get “hot”, it’s just the way it is with high profile celeb hangouts, and has been forever. and make no mistake about it – the Trop people hired her to be a bitch.

  14. Jennifer

    I met Ad and TD 12 years ago. T was a total sweetie and A was a total unattractive bitch.
    Upon meeting me she insulted me. I’m glad to hear that she is self-destructing.

  15. B

    Friday is the night there. its always hot, but FRIDAY is the night. I went there the last three fridays, and ive been going out in la for quite some time. This has to be the best thing in LA in the last 10 years at least. It is such a great party. total hollywood. It does end up costing about 500 bucks to party there, but its well worth it. The strictness of the staff and Amanda is what makes it good. She is only rude to those who arent getting in, and those who arent getting in… well who cares about them. Those people belong to Saddle ranch or Miyagis anyway. Just because you get in to the Skybar does not mean you should get in to the Roos.


  16. Michael Benjamin

    what the fuck is with all of you people (well most of you)? It’s a private place… its not a public park, its not a sandbox, its not a community pool– ITS A FUCKING CLUB and Amanda has the right to run it however she wants. Think of it as a private party. If you dont get in, it means you dont belong. You wouldnt let random ass people into your house, would you?

    as for hotel guests and the pool, thats bs. the bouncers have a list of room guests and their room numbers. they can get in, they just cant bring 219830 people.

    and last– the picture posted is a bad one of her. Its from the side and shes lost weight. she looks good and shes been happy. dont hate because your ugly and cant get into to an exclusive event.

    no ones forcin ya to stay @ the roosevelt…

  17. Nonyerbizness

    No, nobody’s forcing anyone to stay at the Roosevelt, but she’s not encouraging business, either.

    Unfortunately Ms Demme doesn’t seem to understand who is important in LA and who isn’t, and I assure you it isn’t the “Bimbo du Jour” whose money and fame will fade faster than a bad dye job.

    If she wants to turn these businesses into successful ones, she should cater to a more upscale, old-money clientele and leave the nouveau riche trash to their own devices.

    God I hate LA.

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