The Tropicana And Amanada Demme

Amanada Demme and her Tropicana pool parties. It seems the ordinary folks are having a tough time being able to appreciate the Tropicana Bar and Pool. There have been many conflicting stories about the Tropicana being either strictly guest list, or a strictly private party venue.

The bouncer told us it was closed for a private party. While waiting for our car, we asked the valet what the party was for. He told us they weren’t having a party but that the Tropicana Bar has a strict guest-list policy. This sounded strange because the bouncer wasn’t holding a guest list! We asked if we could order bottle service. NO. We asked if we could eat dinner outside. NO. We asked if we got a hotel room, could we go? NO. The only way to get in is if you reserve a cabana room by the pool or stake your claim during the day before the velvet rope is set up.

When we stayed there recently, the pool was closed to hotel guests at random times during my stay – 5PM, 6PM, 2-6PM on a Sunday afternoon of the long weekend – and unfriendly and intimidating bouncers sit at the entrance to the pool to make sure no hotel guests enter during these times. At times the only restaurant in the hotel was closed for a private party at the same time as the pool was closed, leaving guests nowhere to have a drink or cup of coffee.

“The woman then charged over with a bouncer, a waitress and a couple other members of her entourage to eject us. “Excuse me,” she said in a very aggressive tone of voice “are you on the list? I’m afraid you can’t stay here.” So we packed up our things and allowed her goon to escort us out. On the way out I asked for the woman’s name and learned it was Amanda Demme….”

Amanda Demme, you try way too hard to be fabulous. I can understand the want for the bar to be exclusive, but when your denying hotel guests a seat by the hotel pool, something is very wrong.

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