The Travails of a TV Teen Hellion

June 11th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Which 17-year-old TV hellion has taken to boozing extra hard in NYC clubs now that a Los Angeles crackdown on underage drinking means she can’t get through the door in Hollywood? (Gatecrasher)

An American travel company says it has documentary proof that which British singer has knocked four years off her real age? (popbitch)

By Jessica Marx

  1. dr. funke

    1. Hayden Panettiere?
    2. ?

  2. Chaz

    Hayden Panetierre is 17 and on TV, but I haven’t seen many reports abou bad behavior, in NYC or LA. But she’s the default guess.

    My guess for #2 is Joss Stone, since her youth has always been her biggest selling point.

  3. Anna

    1. Hayden Panettierre
    2. Lily Allen

  4. busybee

    I KNOW this is wrong, but i immediately thought of Madonna….(she just married a brit)

    and Jamie Lynn Spears but she’s only 16….

  5. Carina

    Hayden Pantierre and Amy Winehouse?

  6. exactly you never head of does not mean she did not. I hate the way people slag on all these young stars.

  7. Laurie

    # 2 – Geri Halliwell – a.k.a. Ginger Spice – rumors about her real age have been circulating for years. She looks way older than the rest of the spice girls…

  8. Hi

    on what planet is geri halliwell 17 years old?

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