The Top New York City Socialites

April 28th, 2004 // 2 Comments

Apparently Miu von Furstenberg isn’t one of them. I’m trying to snag a Prince.


Quest Magazine features it’s annual The Quest 400
Their annual list of Manhattan’s social elite. But at least Taki and Alexandra Theodoracopulos made the list. A Socialte’s Life’s favorite Taki quote:

“We’re sending The American Conservative to every fucking policy wonk in Washington. I’ve had 35 years as a journalist, and now I want a little bit more gravitas. I’m not going to be writing about how I got drunk and fell on the floor and chased some pussy.”

Always a charmer, that Taki.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mark

    Now THAT’S gravitas!

  2. Sebastian

    I like Quest magazine, but i dont always agree who should be on the 400 list, there are people on there that realy dont do much for the people of NY, the Rockerfeller family does things for the people of NY and the rest of the country

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