The Time Has Finally Come

Comment registration has been enabled on the site. This is due to two reasons. First off, the amount of spam that this blog receives has become unbearable to manage. Second, a number of the commentors are just not following the commenting policy. The personal attacks on other commentors were getting way out of hand. I want this to be a fun place for everyone to come and share their views, without having to worry about the fact that Justine just called Boogley Boo something unmentionable. Plus, some of the comments have just gotten down right nasty.

As I’ve said before, part of the reason that makes this site fun are the comments. So I don’t want to take that functionality away from the site. So as of right now, we are enabling TypeKey.

So in order for you to leave comments on site, you must sign up with Typekey, and enter a legitimate email address in order for you to comment on the site from now on. Your email address will not be published or used in any way other than to verify the commentor. Your email is only required so that I can easily respond to your comments via email.

So keep the following in mind when commenting:

- You need to register for TypeKey in order to comment on this blog.
– You need a legitimate email address to to comment on this blog.
– Your email address will not be published or used for solicitation purposes.
– Keep your comments on topic.
– Do not, and I repeat do not, insult (or use racial or sexual epitaphs) in reference to commentors, or the posts subject matter. If you do, you’ll be banned from commenting.

If you are having problems or errors with the TypeKey service, please send me an email with specific information regarding the error or problem you have having.

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