The Talking Heads Weigh In On Britney’s Meltdown Extravaganza

2008 has gotten off to a smashing start celebrity meltdown-wise. It’s only January 4, and Britney went completely off the rails. Was she waiting for the new year to hit bottom? Selfish knob or not, something’s obviously wrong with the poor lamb and hopefully someone in that hospital injects her with some sane. In the meantime, every “expert” available flew to every network possible this morning to explain to us what the custody stand-off/hospitalization could mean for Britney and her parental rights. MSNBC’s legal analyst Susan Filan opined that Britney not surrendering the kids to K-Fed when she was supposed to is “a very serious no-no in the world of courts.” I’ll say. She also said that by arguing in front of the kids she’s “traumatized” them and the courts obviously aren’t jazzed about that sort of drama. In her opinion, she might be banned from seeing the kids altogether due to “…spiraling out of control. I think she’s just about done.” Well, duh. Doesn’t this chick read the blogs? We’ve been saying that for about two years now, and I’m not exactly an expert here! Britney is currently being held for 72 hours of evaluation. Seriously, ship her away somewhere peaceful and safe and let the healing begin. And bring in a stylist for christ’s sake. That’s half the battle, keeping Daisy Mae from dressing herself.

UPDATE: K-Fed was in court this morning and may return this afternoon. Stay tuned.

Photos: Flynet Onilne

More photos of Britney Spears just prior to being loaded into the ambulance are after the jump.

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Photos: Flynet Onilne