The Stars Have It In For Britney

She should rock the sweater and the hornrims and the baby more often. She actually looks normal. See what a difference it makes when you’re not walking around with your gut hanging over pink panties? Anyway, how do you feel about astrology? Who believes this shit? Vanity Fair’s astrologer has discovered that Britney and Anna Nicole have the same star signs or something and that Britney could very well go the way of the late great trashy tragedy. We didn’t need a star chart to tell us this. Thanks for the obvious.

Vanity Fair magazine’s resident astrologer has revealed that Britney Spears, 25, has an identical astrological chart to Anna Nicole Smith and is worried that the singer will suffer a fate similar to Anna Nicole’s. Horoscope writer Michael Lutin says that Smith, who was born November 28, and Spears, who was born December 2, are both Sagittariuses “with Libra rising” (one’s rising sign refers to the time of day one was born).

“Instead of laughing at her and making fun of her just the way they did with Anna Nicole, somebody better step in and do something or it is going to be just like Anna Nicole,” Lutin writes.

Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip! Across the galaxy! Can I step in personally? What does he expect from us?


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