The Spanish Don’t Appreciate DiCaprio’s Tardiness or His Pissy Attitude

January 26th, 2007 // 10 Comments

His Highness Johnny Appleseed of the Pussy Posse got booed for being late to a photo call in Spain, and then split early. WAH! Wow, people are getting on my last nerve today. Maybe cause it’s Friday after an emotional, tiring week? Maybe I should get robbed more often so I can express my anger fully?

After arriving an hour late for a photo call in Madrid to promo his film “Blood Diamond,” the three-time Oscar nominee met with hooting from the angry press.

Leo could only endure thirty seconds of it and walked out of the room annoyed — prompting the jeering crowd to break into applause!

Hah! You no big man here, Senor! God enough of these pissy little bitch guys. Where’s Steve McQueen and Paul Newman when ya need em’? Hell, I’ll take a George Peppard at this point. I love it when a plan comes together.

Leo Late, Spanish Annoyed [TMZ]


By J. Harvey

  1. This is what happens when “stars” think they can impose their naughty behaviour on simple people. I mean Leo, don’t you think people don’t have kids to pick up, the woman doesn’t wait with the warm soup at home and the warm prospect of sexy loving woudn’t make any man want to drop you the miniute youre late? Learn from history, dude: the very people who put you on the golden thron will also drag you down…..

  2. lol

    Yeah I’m sure he cares what a bunch of losers with cameras think.

    The press are bottom feeders. Boo him all the way back to his limo. Wow. What a victory?

    They should have apologized for being an hour early. :P

  3. Joi

    What an ass.

  4. sasha

    LOL! You’re funny. Great thread.

  5. Elliott

    Agreed, always thought of this guy as an actor of the pussy variety. He’s no McQueen…he doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as McQueen.

  6. Cypress

    He thought they would thrash him for announcing he was no longer a pretty boy sex pot.

  7. No me gusta, Leo. He just seems like such a little bitch. I think he totally overacts, too. Subtly is not his strength. And his lame attempt at a Boston accent was f-ing pathetic compared to Damon’s and Wahlberg’s in ‘The Departed’. I know, I know. They’re natives, but he should have just gone with a non-accent since his and Nicholson’s were grating in compared to the natives.

  8. lashon bush

    that’s crazy, almost as wild as the Paris Hilton Exposed Photos Mega Post @

  9. Draya

    It’s called “professionalism”.

    Show up on time. Was Leo busy getting his hair coiffed? And walking out certainly doesn’t help the film he’s there to promote.

    All Leo had to do to diffuse the situation is smile, wave, and say “Sorry for being late”, and launch into whatever prepared speech the studio handed to him.

    Having two movies out, he might be exhausted promoting both of them. But still, he’s getting paid a lot of money, so I have little sympathy.

    Grow up, or retire. There’s other people’s careers attached to this movie, too.

  10. Rose

    you are all idiots..don’t you people read the news properly? Leonardo was coming in on a flight from Rome with Djimon, and the director Zwick, since Rome had bad weather, the flight was delayed about an was up to the others in Spain to notify the press that the flight was delayed..besides waiting for an hour for something out of your control is nothing..heck I wait at doctors office much more! The press in Spain was disgusting period..bunch of assholes that they were, to treat guest of their country like that..Leo did right and good for him to walk out..nobody needs to be treated like that..

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