The Spanish Don’t Appreciate DiCaprio’s Tardiness or His Pissy Attitude

His Highness Johnny Appleseed of the Pussy Posse got booed for being late to a photo call in Spain, and then split early. WAH! Wow, people are getting on my last nerve today. Maybe cause it’s Friday after an emotional, tiring week? Maybe I should get robbed more often so I can express my anger fully?

After arriving an hour late for a photo call in Madrid to promo his film “Blood Diamond,” the three-time Oscar nominee met with hooting from the angry press.

Leo could only endure thirty seconds of it and walked out of the room annoyed — prompting the jeering crowd to break into applause!

Hah! You no big man here, Senor! God enough of these pissy little bitch guys. Where’s Steve McQueen and Paul Newman when ya need em’? Hell, I’ll take a George Peppard at this point. I love it when a plan comes together.

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